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Chicago Med Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Dr. Charles and Dr. Halstead become fully engaged in a brutal case; Dr. Marcel and Maggie arrange a traditional crawfish boil; a new relationship develops.
NBC News Special: Democratic Candidates Debate (HD) News anchor Lester Holt and political director Chuck Todd are among the five journalists who moderate democratic presidential primary debate.
Alice Jolene Throws a Curve (TV-PG) When Jolene joins her boyfriend's softball team, Mel starts his own club and makes bets over victories, but Jolene refuses to pitch for Mel's side.
It's a Living Jan's Engagement Jan declares that she's given up on dating, but when a broken fan leads to a handsome repair man stopping by, she has a change of heart.
Three's Company Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (TV-PG) When Terri invites her doctor friend to dinner to help him unwind from the stresses of work, Jack and Janet think that he is a patient of the psychiatric ward.
Family Ties Heartstrings, Part 2 (TV-PG) The family becomes anxious when Steven's surgery takes longer than they expect and join Nick as he keeps up the spirits of other waiting room visitors.
Growing Pains Jimmy Durante Died for Your Sins (TV-G) Carol pleads with her parents for permission to undergo a nose job; they grant her their blessing based on the condition that she raise the money herself.
Designing Women Howard the Date (TV-PG) The gang goes on a group date after they feel sorry for a former acquaintance of Mary Jo's who just so happens to be dateless for his class reunion.
« Murder She Solved Free To Kill (TV-14) When a new private investigator attempts to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of a freelance journalist, her life is put in danger.
The Last 24 Unforgivable Sin (HD, TV-14) Detectives uncover a document that was overlooked in the original investigation into the deaths of newlyweds Rick and Gail Brink, which led them to the killer.
Southern Fried Homicide Knock, Knock, You're Dead. (HD, TV-14) While posing as federal agents, a group of dangerous outlaws wreak havoc on a number of small towns throughout Eastern Kentucky and Appalachia.
Trace of Evil A detailed look is taken at high-profile criminal cases to reveal how technological advances have impacted detective work and made it easier to pursue justice.
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